What do you teach? I teach Economics, or Virtual Enterprise, a simulated business class where students build a business from scratch. I also teach US History and World History.

Where did you go to high school? I went to El Toro High School and I graduated in 1989.

Where did you to college? I went to Saddleback Jr. College for 3 years and then transferred up to UCSB for 3 glorious years.

How long have been at Mission Viejo High School? I have been at Mission since 1995 and have really enjoyed it.

How did you become a teacher? I was going to go into the auto industry but I had a change of heart. I really wanted to help students get through their difficult years and change the way I was taught in school. I felt like I was not prepared for college so here I am to help them gret ready for college.

Did you participate in any business over your career? Yes, I have been involved in real estate investing for the past 7 years and sold real estate with my dad for 5 years. I have also started a business calle www.garageliquidators.com.

What is your favorite thing to do? I really love watching my kids learn new things or letting me teach them but on a selfish note I love to surf perfect 4-6 foot waves.